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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I can't believe what I'm thinking about you

I've spoken about The Prids a few times on here, and I'm happy to say that the release of their new album is just a few weeks away! Until the World is Beautiful will be released on NYCs Five03 Records on July 11th. For those of you who didn't get the memo, the Prids are a four piece out of Portland, OR. They're a little indie, a little new wave, a little post punk, and a lot more than amazing. At the heart of this band is the undeniable musical chemistry between guitarist David Frederickson and bassist Mistina Keith who have been writing songs together longer than most people stay friends. The melodic dance between these two is something that most bands can only dream of one day attaining. Not only do the Prids have it but they make it better, fuller, and more interesting with each new song they create.

I've been listening to The Prids for a few years now and I'm still just as excited about them as I was when I found Love Zero on the heavy rotation shelf at WUOG. My friend Drew told me that they were a band I should definitely keep an eye on because they were sure to do great things. And he was right.

The Prids are going to tour heavily this summer in support of their new record and if you are reading this, I expect you to go out and see them. I've seen them a couple of times now and their live show is truly breathtaking. You'll be sure to hear (and see) why Mistina is my favorite bass player.

Here are a couple of tunes from The Prids. There are a lot more on their website so if you like this small sample, feel free to listen to more. Five03 Records will also be re-releasing the Prids' debut album Love Zero so you can look forward to that as well.

The Prids- Love Zero (from Love Zero)
The Prids- Shadow & Shadow (from Shadow & Shadow 7")
The Prids- Let It Go (from Let It Go 7")
Check out the Prids' video for the song "Let It Go." It's all kinds of awesome.

The Prids' official site
The Prids on Myspace

The Prids on Tour (check the bands myspace page for the most up to date tour calendar.)

July 8- Center on Contemporary Arts (Seattle, WA)
July 14- CD Release Party (Portland, OR)
July 15- The Comet Tavern (Seattle, WA)
July 16- Columbian Theatre (Astoria, OR)
July 20- The Starry Plough (Berkley, CA)
July 22- The Hemlock tavern (San Francisco, CA)
July 23- The Hard to find Showspace (Goleta, CA)
July 24- The Knitting Factory (Los Angeles, CA)
July 25- The Joint (Los Angeles, CA)
July 28- Plush (Tuscon, AZ)
July 29- Burt's Tiki Lounge (Albuquerque, NM)
August 2- Opolis (Norman, OK)
August 3- The Doublewide (Dallas, TX)
August 4- Rubber Gloves (Denton, TX)
August 8- Supper Happy Fun Land (Houston, TX)
August 11- Caledonia (Athens, GA)
August 12- Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta, GA)
August 14- The Soapbox (Wilmington, NC)
August 15- The Wetlands (Chapel Hill, NC)
August 16- DC9 (Washington, DC)
August 24- Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY)
August 26- Annex (New York, NY)
August 30- Alchemize (Cincinnati, OH)
August 31- Rhino's (Bloomington, IN)
September 4- Vaudville Mews (Des Moines, IA)
September 8- Record Bar (Kansas City, MO)
September 14- Duffy's Lincoln Calling Festival (Lincoln, NE)


Blogger Matthew said...

Hey... they are playing both Seattle, when I am supposed to be there on business, and in Bloomington, where I live. I guess I won't have a good excuse for missing them (except that they are playing Rhinos', which is a good venue, but an all ages club. Not that I don't like kids, mind you, it's just that the crowds are peculiarly more interested in impressing/watching each other than in the band that is playing).

8:22 AM  
Blogger S.M.T. said...

I understand about the all ages clubs. Of course when you're younger, you pray for all ages clubs, but when you're legal, you want no part of them! However, you shouldn't pass up a chance to see The Prids live. Definitely check out one of their shows if you can. And tell them I said Hi!

9:31 PM  

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